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Make These Smooth Summer Cocktails with Kikori Rice Whiskey

What distinguishes Kikori is that it’s distilled from rice, whereas most whiskeys are made from other grains: malted barley, corn, wheat, rye. (Whether “rice whiskey” qualifies as a true whiskey, rather than an aged version of the Japanese spirit shochu, is a matter that’s been debated in spirits circles. But for our purposes, whiskey it is.) Find…

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Kikori Sesame Cocktail at Dirty Habit SF

Open Sesame: The Funky Ingredient Finding its way into Your Cocktails

This creation from mixologist Raul Ayala is a contemporary twist on one of his favorite drinks of all time: horchata. “The sesame adds deep notes of richness, nuttiness and layers of savory breezes to the cocktail,” he says. “Sesame works well with Kikori because of its natural oils, aroma and richness.” Get the recipe here.

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