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GQ Best Stuff: 2017

How does something go from “stuff” to “Best Stuff”? Does it look better than anything like it? Does it work better? Is it essential and enviable? If the answer is “Absolutely!” then it makes the cut. We tested, drove, cooked with, drank, inhaled, and generally delighted in a lot of stuff this year, but this stuff? This is…

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New Product Launch: Yuzuri Liqueur

Soh Spirits new product launch, Yuzuri Liqueur.


KIKORI Profile: Sergio Gonzalez of E.P.& L.P., Los Angeles

What was the inspiration behind this cocktail? I’m always just trying to make people happy. People inspire me; I want to introduce them to new flavors. What is your favorite element? Definitely the Kikori. It’s a really nice whiskey, you can go a lot of different ways with it. From an old fashioned to a…

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