KIKORI Profile: Leah Hendle of Wabi Sabi, Venice

Between work, home, your partner, and kids – How do you find your balance?

If you work in this industry, you know that finding balance can be…wait, what’s balance!? Ha! jk! For me, having an incredible support system at home is what keeps me grounded. My husband of almost 8 years is the one to thank! Making sure we find time, even just for 30 minutes when I get home at night to catch up, or calling the sitter for date night is very important! He also cleans and does the laundry on top of working and running our side company, Ball Wash! Support is number one and picking each other up on those long, hard weeks is key. My daughter, Vayda, is almost 5. I must admit, it was way easier when she was younger when I was working nights, but I make sure I bring her to work often and she knows how hard mommy works for our family.


How do you drink your whiskey?

I prefer my whiskey in an old fashioned or a boulevardier. Traditional perfection.


What surprised you most about becoming a parent?

What surprised me most about becoming a parent is not knowing how much you could actually love a human being.


Any advice to fellow working mom’s out there doin’ it ALL?

Momma’s, you’re doing amazing! It’s an incredible time in this world to be a woman. This industry is a beast, especially for woman and even more so for moms. Keep pushing through and be proud of what you’re doing! There have been so many times I told myself I wasn’t ever going to be as good as the boys… but here I am: a 32 year old mother and wife; doin’ it all and loving it! And so can you!

Posted on May 11, 2018 in News

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