KIKORI Profile: Dee Ann Quinones of Employee’s Only, Los Angeles

Between work, home, your partner, and baby on the way – How do you find your balance?   At the moment, opening a new bar project (Employees Only) the only best way to find balance is to make the time. Thankfully, my wife is incredibly supportive, so she reminds me to stop and take time…

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KIKORI Profile: Chandra Lucariello of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Hawaii

Between work, home, your partner, and kids – How do you find your balance? It is a constant challenge, but at the end of the day, it is making sure that I have my priorities in order.  Remembering not to overextend myself and knowing when to regretfully decline. My time on the weekends with my…

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KIKORI Profile: Leah Hendle of Wabi Sabi, Venice

Between work, home, your partner, and kids – How do you find your balance? If you work in this industry, you know that finding balance can be…wait, what’s balance!? Ha! jk! For me, having an incredible support system at home is what keeps me grounded. My husband of almost 8 years is the one to…

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3 Simple Ingredients to Seriously Upgrade Your Cocktails

The Simple Syrup Upgrade: Yuzuri Yuzu Liqueur Yuzuri is a citrus liqueur made from the yuzu fruit. It’s produced by the same company that created Kikori, a Japanese rice whiskey. In fact, it’s made by taking the same base rice spirit and steeping the yuzu fruit—juice, flesh, peels and all—for a month.  Find out how…

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Kikori at Mcfadden's

KIKORI Profile: Hannah Leigh of McFadden Public Market, Santa Ana

What was the inspiration behind the 3 Kikori cocktails at McFadden’s? The inspiration behind The Bad Apple is due to all those amazing savory, non-artificial fall flavors. Mixed with cognac, Bianco vermouth, apple & saffron bitters, brown sugar, and the Kikori adds a delicate floral crispness to this drink; creating a light yet flavorful autumn…

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