3 Simple Ingredients to Seriously Upgrade Your Cocktails

The Simple Syrup Upgrade: Yuzuri Yuzu Liqueur Yuzuri is a citrus liqueur made from the yuzu fruit. It’s produced by the same company that created Kikori, a Japanese rice whiskey. In fact, it’s made by taking the same base rice spirit and steeping the yuzu fruit—juice, flesh, peels and all—for a month.  Find out how…

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Kikori at Mcfadden's

KIKORI Profile: Hannah Leigh of McFadden Public Market, Santa Ana

What was the inspiration behind the 3 Kikori cocktails at McFadden’s? The inspiration behind The Bad Apple is due to all those amazing savory, non-artificial fall flavors. Mixed with cognac, Bianco vermouth, apple & saffron bitters, brown sugar, and the Kikori adds a delicate floral crispness to this drink; creating a light yet flavorful autumn…

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GQ Best Stuff: 2017

How does something go from “stuff” to “Best Stuff”? Does it look better than anything like it? Does it work better? Is it essential and enviable? If the answer is “Absolutely!” then it makes the cut. We tested, drove, cooked with, drank, inhaled, and generally delighted in a lot of stuff this year, but this stuff? This is…

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New Product Launch: Yuzuri Liqueur

Soh Spirits new product launch, Yuzuri Liqueur.

Japanese Whisky: A User’s Guide

“Today, there is a full range of Japanese expressions that run the spectrum in flavor, style, and price. Mix up a Japanese high-ball and read on to discover what some of these elegant, world-class whiskies from the East offer.”

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