Kikori Calamansi Sour at Irenia

Calamansi Sour at Irenia, Our Drink of the Week!

OC Weekly recommends, “kicking off with a calamansi sour and an order of lumpia. The cocktail makes great use of its ingredients—floral Kikori Japanese rice whisky, tart calamansi syrup and egg white—to offer something that balances the scales between sweet, bitter and strong. But it’s the egg white that gives this tangy drink a smooth, creamy…

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Private club Modernist more “Cheers” than chichi

The San Francisco Chronicle features the private club Modernist and the Kikori Whiskey Pokeball cocktail with salted caramel and aged balsamic vinegar.

This Whisky Is Made Entirely Out of Rice

This Whisky Is Made Entirely Out of Rice (And It’s Damn Good)

“Rice is nothing new to whiskey production. It has been a casual player in experimental whiskies here and there in the U.S., usually as a minor ingredient in one-off bourbon recipes. But to date no all-rice whiskey has ever been made. That is, until now.” – Men’s Journal

Rue Daily Entertaining: Kikori Whiskey Blood Orange Sour

“Kikori Whiskey is aged in barrels that are only lightly charred, resulting in a whiskey is lighter and exceptionally smooth, so it’s perfect for a cocktail.” – Rue Daily

Kikori whiskey cocktail at bitter & twisted


Bitter & Twisted serves the Bear Witness with Kikori Whiskey, lemon, grapefruit, yuzu marmalade and pink peppercorn honey syrup, in an empty honey bear!  See the the full list at    

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