This Whisky Is Made Entirely Out of Rice


While most Japanese Whiskey leans towards the flavors you find in Scotch, Kikori Japanese Whiskey has a distinct flavor profile thanks to a 100% rice mashbill. Read more at

Stunning Sips! Kikori Japanese Whiskey

Looking for a potent, refreshing and rather great new drink to add to your home bar? thinks you should experience Kikori Japanese Whiskey for yourself.

7 Seriously Exciting Things are Happening with Japanese Whisky

Exciting things are happening in the Japanese whisky category, put together this great list, which includes Kikori Whiskey!

Sake and Whisky Pairings for Japanese Fare

USA Today’s article Around the world in NYC kitchens: Cook Japanese with chef Morimoto, features a pairing of Kikori Whiskey and Japanese fare.

Japanese Rice Whiskey, Aged in Oak, With Hints of Ginger

A review by the The New York Times

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