Kikori Whiskey Review

Kikori Whiskey at The Roger Room

Vintage classic spot The Roger Room is now featuring Kikori Whiskey in a new cozy cocktail called “The Buddha’s Hand.”

Kikori Whiskey at A-Frame

Aloha from Culver City! The Kikori Whiskey “Kik Push” cocktail is now on the menu at Roy Choi’s flagship restaurant A-Frame.

This Girl Walks Into A Bar Reviews Kikori Whiskey

This Girl Walks Into A Bar posted a recent review, calling Kikori “a bottle to keep in mind for gift-giving this holiday season…the exterior is as classy as in the interior.” Read their full Kikori Whiskey feature HERE.

Rue Magazine Reviews Kikori Whiskey

Rue Magazine reviewed Kikori Whiskey (the Rue team’s “new favorite spirit”!), posted photos from our Los Angeles tastemaker dinner, and shared an exclusive Kikori cocktail recipe. Read the full article HERE.

The Yuppie Life Reviews Kikori Whiskey

Kikori Whiskey’s L.A. tastemaker event was featured recently on This Yuppie Life. TYL talks with Kikori about Kumamoto, entertainment inspiration, and cocktail recipes HERE.

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