KIKORI Profile: Gia St. George at Black Market Liquor Bar, Studio City

KIKORI Profile: Gia St. George at Black Market Liquor Bar, Studio City

June 2017

We asked Gia St. George of Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City how she finds her balance.

Q: In the whirlwind of work and personal life, how do you find your balance?
It’s definitely a challenge sometimes. One thing I find helpful is to keep my work and my personal life separate. When you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work. It also helps to work in an environment with great people. It can make the work feel easy. I feel very fortunate to have worked in places that support a positive work environment and the same holds true at home. I have found it is just as important to have the same values at home because then you have consistent support all around you.

Q: Relationships are so important, not only with patrons but internally. How do you foster a “bar family” feeling with your team?
Through positive reinforcement and checking your ego at the door. Honestly, it’s assessing your staff individually and learning each person’s qualities. Everyone shines differently and has different strengths in the work place. I try to utilize all those strengths to create a positive work environment and make it fun. Work doesn’t always have to be serious amongst coworkers. I’ve learned that this creates a unique balance of personal/business relationships with the staff.

Q: What does hospitality mean to you?
Hospitality is warm and kind. How a family ultimately is valued. There’s always a sense of courtesy, generosity and patience in families. My favorite places to go eat and drink are places that make me feel at home and welcomed. It’s that feeling you get when you walk into a room and it feels comfortable.

Q: Describe your perfect day off…
My perfect day off would consist of a whole day in the sun. My heart forever belongs to LA and the LA weather. Give me a day at the beach or by a pool and I’m a happy girl.