KIKORI Profile: Trevor Nare of Q Sushi, Los Angeles

KIKORI Profile: Trevor Nare of Q Sushi, Los Angeles

September 2017

We sat down with Trevor Nare of Q Sushi in Los Angeles, the creator of the Biru Old Fashioned, and asked him a few questions…


Q: What was the inspiration behind this cocktail?

The inspiration for the Biru Old Fashion came while enjoying my favorite Hefeweizen. I love a good white ale or hef during the summer, the crisp orange flavor and the creamy texture really cuts through the heat. I wanted to create a cocktail that would express a similar experience while remaining light and refreshing. With Kikori, fresh orange, and some beer, I think the Biru Old Fashion does the job perfectly.

Q: What is your favorite element?

My favorite element is the slight effervescence and foam you get on your first few sips after stirring in the beer. The foam helps the aroma carry the fresh orange and smooth nose of Kikori which makes this drink stand out.   

Q: How do you think of new ideas for cocktails?

Most of my cocktail inspiration come from recreating flavors and experiences I value and utilizing classic cocktail variations to express them.

Q:What do you think is unique about Kikori over other Whiskey brands?

I love Kikori for its versatility. It is smooth and crisp enough for a novice whisky drinker, but holds enough complexity for a more seasoned palate. It also brings great flavor and texture to any whisky cocktail.

Q:The bar industry takes up many days and nights. How do you find your balance between personal life and work life?  

It is difficult to separate work and personal life especially when your work is your passion, but I am luck enough to have friends and family who have a similarly chaotic schedule as I do which allows me to remain social and refreshed even working nights, weekends and holidays.

Q:What is your favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to travel is New York City. It is a city with more energy and blends of cultures than anything else I’ve experienced before. The culinary scene there is just so dense, there is always something new to discover.